American Top Team West Palm Beach features expert instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Kid's Martial Arts, Cross-Training, and Women's Fitness Kickboxing.  Whether you are looking to be a competitor, to get in shape, lose weight, or learn something new while having fun and meeting new friends, American Top Team has rapidly developed a reputation of success. Our Team has consistently produced many champions on an individual and team basis as well as successful stories of people changing their lives for the better.  This success is the direct result of the dedication, hard work and discipline of our students and competitors combined with the highest level of instruction.

After our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt promotion ceremony at American Top Team West Palm Beach.

After our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu belt promotion ceremony at American Top Team West Palm Beach.

Located at 6903 Vista Parkway N off of Jog and Okeechobee, our gym is 5300 square feet with 3 separate rooms for each class – a spacious room for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, and Wrestling, a Striking and Kickboxing room equipped with 8 heavy bags, and a Cross-Training room with plenty of weights, kettlebells, balls, and a full rig. We have a kid’s room with toys and an air hockey table to entertain your children, so you can work out in peace. We also have two showers in each of our bathrooms.

You can buy equipment and uniforms directly from us. We sell shirts, ranging from tanks to long-sleeved, boxing gloves, mma gloves, hand wraps, Adult and Kid Gis, Muay Thai shorts, head gear, and shin guards.

At American Top Team West Palm Beach, we pride ourselves on having a professional and impeccable facility. All of our instructors are top notch, educated, and supportive, and our members are equally as driven, committed, and inspired. Because of this, we attract only the best. Here, it’s not just phenomenal fitness; it’s a family. It doesn't get much better than American Top Team West Palm Beach!

6903 Vista Parkway N

Suite 6

West Palm Beach, FL 33411